zsolt simon, dr.

2015–2018 (36 months): postdoctoral grant (Hungarian National Research, Development and Innovation Office)
2017–2020 (36 months): Bolyai János postdoctoral scholarship (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

By means of these grants I did research in Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany, France and United Kingdom



  • 2007 first prize, publication competition invited by the Doctorands’ National Association and by the „Magyary Zoltán” Higher Education Public Foundation with the contribution of the Hungarian Professors’ World Council (Budapest), social sciences section
  • 2006 debute-prize of the Erdélyi Múzeum Egyesület (Transylvanian Museum Society, Cluj – contrarily with its name, a scholarly society, founded in 1859)
  • 1993 certificate of merit, national phase of the (school-subject) competition of physics
  • 1989 special prize, national phase of the (school-subject) competition of chemistry. Except 1992, when they were organized for my age-group, i. e. from 1987 to 1993, each year I participated at the national phase of the (school-subject) competition of mathematics, physics or chemistry.


Scientific service

  • 2015– founding member, editorial board of Magyar Gazdaságtörténeti Évkönyv (Hungarian Yearbook of Economic History, Budapest)
  • 2008– scientific secretary, Târgu Mureş branch of the Transylvanian Museum Society, Cluj-Napoca (president: Mr. Sándor Pál-Antal, external member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
  • 2007– member, the Scientific Council of the “Gheorghe Şincai” Research Institute of Human Sciences of the Romanian Academy of Sciences, Târgu Mureş
  • 2007– member, editorial board of Anuarul Institutului de Cercetări Socio-Umane “Gheorghe Şincai” Târgu Mureş
  • Member of The Medieval Central Europe Research Network, the Academic Commission of Cluj-Napoca of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the External Corporation of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Tamás Borsos Association [of historical studies], Târgu Mureş.
  • 2008– co-organizer of 12 conferences in Târgu Mureş and of one conference in Budapest.